Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And then there was Hell to Pay: The Hangover

This is the second part to the story of how I betray the Wine Gods during what seemed to be an innocent Friday night game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Our friend's foster kitten on the table.  He was a party cat for sure.
There was hell to pay and I kinda knew it.  It's about to get very ugly.

We made it to bed after the friends left and I surprisingly didn't feel too shabby.  For a little while I though I was going to be OK.  Four am rolls around and that's when the fun began.   I lost my dinner.  Ew, I know.  That's what I was thinking.  I crawled back into bed hoping that was the end of it.  Eight am the alarm goes off and thank goodness it did because I had to puke again.  I felt like hell.

We had tickets to watch the live Smodcast Hollywood Babble-On recording with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman live!!!!  If you have not checked it out I recommend you do so.  After you read my post.  :-)  I love getting out of town and Dave was psyched to go see the show.  We had a date with writer, director, actor, cool person extraordinaire Kevin Smith so come rain or shine, hangover or whatever, we were going to Hollywood dammit!

I packed, lay on the couch for a minute, packed again, puked again and told Dave we better get in the car and go otherwise I wasn't going anywhere.  You know how you feel better right after you puke?  I decided we better ride that wave to get me out of the house. I grabbed my overnight bag, my purse, and a garbage bag for well, you know.

We eventually made across the cruel desert with me either moaning, or puking, or sleeping.  I think I probably lost it a total of three times on the way.

And what a guy Dave is.  He was able to maneuver the L.A. traffic, pat my back, say nice soothing things to me, and not get sick himself while I barfed for the final gut wrenching time.  By 5pm I was feeling a little better hangover-wise but totally wiped out.

Here's Dave Driving.  I took this a couple years ago.  There is no way I took any during that car ride.
 We arrived at our hotel and I jumped in the tub for a nice hot soak which pretty much fixed everything.  (Along with brushing my teeth of course.)  We got ready and stopped over at a cafe for a quick bite.  I was hesitant at first but I was able to have a few bites of hummus and pita!  My blood sugar was probably rock bottom and I was super dehydrated.  Oh what a triumphant moment it was when the snack stayed down and we were good to go for the Smodcastle! 

Kevin Smith on the left, Ralph Garman on the right = awesome!  We had some great seats and lots of laughs.

We cannot wait to go back!

And I promise that I shall never betray the wine Gods again.   That was way way too dirty for Dirty Wine Girl.


  1. Sad, but funny!!! :) What DID you drink that night?

  2. Ouch... it hurts just to read about a hangover!
    As car sick as you get, driving to LA with a monster hangover?!