Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanks! And Hanukkah is coming!

Hello out there in blog reading land!  I just wanted to post a quick hello and thank you note to those who take the time to read the Dirty Wine Girl Blog!  I have had readers all over the globe and many of those places I wish to visit (and drink wine in) some day.  So thanks go out to my readers in: The United Kingdom (which we will visit next year), Canada (Oh Canada!), Australia, Russia, The U.S. Virgin Islands, Israel, Poland, Norway, Japan and others (my stats page is kinda broken atm).  All beautiful places with beautiful people.

I didn't take this photo.  The good people at NASA did. 
This week is extra special for us at the Strandcastle.  That's what I'm calling it these days since The Strand (my fiance's band) is recording their podcasts around our kitchen table on Sunday's.  You can check it out here at the Strandcast.  Or, if you like Dungeons and Dragons, we have a regular game that's been going on for at least two years that we've begun to podcast.   It's called Beer and Battle and it's rad if you like D&D and beer (wine for me).

Oh yes, the week is extra special because it's the first year we (Dave and I) will be celebrating Hanukkah seriously, at home, together, with a menorah and candles!  It is the first time for me!  We are giving each other eight gifts and whoa is it a lot of pressure!  I want them all to be special but sometimes you just have to get practical about it.  There will probably be socks and such given but we will be thankful nonetheless.  This weekend we are going to make a Hanukkah dinner!  There will be wine of course.  I'm going to look for some Kosher wine to review and will post some pictures!  No Manischewitz this time!


  1. Eagle's Landing is quite good kosher wine!

  2. Thanks Tara! I'll look for it! I wonder if we have it here in Arizona...

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  4. I hear your site will be under construction this week. Looking forward to seeing your new design and thanks for mentioning the podcasts!

  5. You might want to post a new entry to this blog to direct people to your new WordPress website.